Our mission

We live in the 21st century and there is tons of free information out there, from YouTube tutorials to blogs and online forums.

So what can we give you that you can't give yourself? You be the judge -these are some of the differences between learning with us rather than learning DIY style and from other institutions.


Hands-on training

We are very much about "learning from doing". Our training has been designed to give you almost constant hands-on training while avoiding at all cost "teacher writing on the whiteboard and student writing it down" style learning.


Real-life experiences

To make the training even more hands-on and give students heaps of opportunities to get started on their own projects, we like to use as much simulated and real-life training as possible, from working as a DJ or audio engineer at live events to producing music in the studio with local artists and musicians.

Holistic and well-structured learning

If you want to learn quickly, then make sure you find a course or program that is "complete" and well-structured. This will save you time and money in the long run and you will also be able to retain more information.

Live student support

As much we love online tutorials, sometimes you get stuck. If you sign up for an online course, it's always great to know you can speak with a real-life expert when you need some help.

Only the useful bits

A long time ago, we realised that there are many training and education programs out there which teach you things you will never use. Usually it's because the program is either outdated or someone is trying to make a larger profit by making a bigger course and filling them up with all sorts of (often useless) information. 

When we create our courses, we survey hundreds of people to find out exactly what people want to learn. We are also constantly asking our students for feedback during and after their studies. This allows us to create courses which are filled with information which people actually want to learn rather than information we think our students want to learn. It also allows us to constantly improve the learning experience for current and future students.

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